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Pascale Trudel,
born in Quebec city in 1964, is a composer, a multimedia artist and a Web site developer living in Montreal, Canada.

She obtained a bachelor degree in fine arts (visual arts) in 1986 from Concordia University in Montreal where she also studied electroacoustic music from 1985 to 1990.

Since 1986, her work has been presented in Canada and around the world in concert, on the radio, compact disks, soundtracks for art video and since 1997 on the Internet.

an initiatory journey of a woman artist from childhood to adulthood.

This multimedia work created for the web in 1997 is composed of 22 pages using gif animations,sounds (.au format), java imagmaps, javascript, poetic texts and images.

The concept of this work was to be as simple as possible thereby making everything in it as relevant as possible.

Almost each page consists of a poetic text guiding the viewer through the journey, an image transforming itself (an animation or java imagmap) and sometimes a secret (a hidden sound, image or text).

The background color is black in all pages except for the four pages where the colors become part of the story.

The work uses its many different elements to convey a journey of initiation to the viewer in a interactive manner.

The viewer has to follow the story and find the hidden elements that enrich the story just like dreams enrich our lives.

Pascale Trudel
A testament to the artistic temperament. Trudel poetically describes the dilemma of growing up female in her family and the constraints put on her behavior. A piece devoted to memory and the reclaiming of her strong sense of self. As threats of danger in "the wild" increased as she grew, "the wild" became an interior state and art became her means of revolt.

Mary Cross, Programmer, Ed Video Media Arts Centre, Guelph, Ontario, Canada



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